SPP 1594
Topological Engineering of Ultra-Strong Glasses

The aim of the priority programme “SPP 1594 – Topological Engineering of Ultra-Strong Glasses” is to generate the scientific basis that is necessary for developing glasses with superior mechanical properties. Addressing ab initio “topological engineering” of inorganic oxide and metallic glasses with enhanced mechanical properties, the “topological scale” comprises the short- and mid-range structural architecture. Topochemical Tools are e.g. potentials and spatial relations between constituents on the atomistic level, the generic design of specific short- and mid-range topology, packing density, molecular interactions at surfaces, and their consequences on meso- and macro-scale processes under mechanical load.


SPP 1594

Friedrich Schiller University of Jena
Otto Schott Institute of Materials Research
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lothar Wondraczek
Fraunhoferstraße 6
07743 Jena

Phone: +49 3641 948500
Email: lothar.wondraczek@uni-jena.de
Website: www.spp1594.uni-jena.de