Jena Biophotonic and Imaging Laboratory

As a joint initiative of the Friedrich Schiller University, the Jena University Hospital and the Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology, the Jena Biophotonic and Imaging Laboratory (JBIL) provides a user-open platform for researchers in life science and medical applications which is currently funded by the DFG. The JBIL aims at enhancing the collaboration and communication between scientists using spectroscopic and spectrometric techniques and improving the utilisation of the available resources in Jena.

Available imaging techniques cover a broad range from mass spectrometry (MALDI) to spectroscopy (FT-IR, TPEF, SHG, FLIM). Within the JBIL these different techniques are combined for multimodal imaging to unravel major biomedical issues like the diagnosis of pathogens and host reply and molecular imaging of tumour tissue.



Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology
Dr. Astrid Tannert
Albert-Einstein-Straße 9
07745 Jena

Phone: +49 3641 206109
Email: astrid.tannert@ipht-jena.de
Website: bil-jena.de