The Institute of Physical Chemistry (IPC) is a research institute focused on biophotonics and the application of optical technologies for material sciences. Researchers of the Institute develop and apply innovative frequency-, time-, and spatially resolved spectroscopic as well as innovative microscopy and optical imaging approaches for biomedical, life- and material-sciences applications. Modern quantum mechanic and quantum dynamic as well as chemometric studies and analyses support these experimental investigations.

Profile-shaping research groups

Strong Field Physics

  • Theoretical Chemistry
    Prof. Dr. Stefanie Gräfe


  • Applied Physical Chemistry & Molecular Nanotechnology
    Prof. Dr. Andrey Turchanin
  • Biological Nanoimaging
    Prof. Dr. Rainer Heintzmann
  • Biophotonics
    Prof. Dr. Jürgen Popp
  • Material- & Biophotonics
    apl. Prof. Dr. Michael Schmitt
  • Molecular Photonics
    Prof. Dr. Benjamin Dietzek
  • Nanospectroscopy
    Prof. Dr. Volker Deckert


Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Institute of Physical Chemistry
Helmholtzweg 4
07743 Jena

Phone: +49 3641 9-48300