The Institute practices in fundamental and applied research in the fields of micro- and nano-optics, fiber and waveguide optics, ultrafast optics as well as optical engineering.

The associates develop novel optical materials, elements and concepts for information and communication technology, life science and medicine, security and mobility, environment and energy as well as process technology including material processing and optical measurement techniques.

Profile-shaping research groups

Ultra Optics

  • 3D transform - New concepts and devices for optical sensing
    Dr. Frank Setzpfand
  • Applied Computational Optics
    Prof. Dr. Frank Wyrowski
  • Atomic Layer Deposition
    Dr. Adriana Szeghalmi
  • Eye-safe 3D Short-Wavelength Infrared Metrology
    Dr. Martin Steglich
  • Fiber & Waveguide Lasers
    Prof. Dr. Jens Limpert
  • Functional Photonic Nanostructures
    Dr. Isabelle Staude
  • High-speed 3D sensors in extended spectral ranges
    Dr. Stefan Heist
  • Microstructure Technology
    Dr. Ernst-Bernhard Kley
  • Nano Optics
    Prof. Dr. Thomas Pertsch
  • Optical System Design
    Prof. Dr. Herbert Gross
  • Photonics
    Prof. Dr. Andreas Tünnermann
  • Ultrafast Optics
    Prof. Dr. Stefan Nolte
  • Ultraviolet Dual Comb Spectroscopy
    Jun. Prof. Dr. Birgitta Schultze-Bernhardt

Strong Field Physics

  • X-ray Spectroscopy and Microscopy
    Dr. Jan Rothhardt


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