Advanced Coherent Ultrafast Laser Pulse Stacking

ERC Consolidator Grant – Jens Limpert

The highly prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant was awarded to Prof. Dr. Jens Limpert, hosted by the Institute of Applied Physics (IAP), for his research proposal on “Advanced Coherent Ultrafast Laser Pulse Stacking (ACOPS)”.

Limpert and his team target to develop an ultra-short pulse laser system that will boost the evolution of wake-field particle acceleration. A pulsed laser system with high-peak power is envisioned, meeting highest standards in compactness, efficiency, scalability and cost-effectiveness as further essential quality criteria. The interest in such laser architectures is deeply rooted both in fundamental science and potential applications, such as alternative particle collision schemes or highly-directive cancer treatment and medical proton therapies, respectively.


Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Prof. Dr. Jens Limpert
Institute of Applied Physics
Albert-Einstein-Str. 15
07745 Jena Germany

Phone: +49 3641 9-47800